Saturday, August 2, 2014

Training a dog

Little BoDuke had a head cold. It got worse during the day and I stopped at the vets before coming home after picking my brother up. Duke was getting sicker and sicker as we drove. My little nine pound bruiser could be in a health crisis if I did not act.

It was a head cold. He looked good. The vet examined him outside. He did not allow any coughing and sneezing in the vet office. Infection control is taken seriously. I had two East German house guests before the fall of the Berlin Wall. They went to the vet with me and an injured pet. I remember they said the vet's office was better than some facilities for humans.

On second thought, that could be true in this country too.

The Ebola virus is wreaking havoc in West Africa. We have been blessed in this country. I have been feeling we are a privileged people. With war in the middle East, random murders of ethnic Arabs in Mali, a civil war in the Ukraine, children leaving central America to stand at our borders for help, we live a sheltered life in the United States. We just have to worry about the antisocial elements of our society.

The children tear at my heart. I know this is not practical but it is a shame all of us without children can't just drive by and pick up as many as we can house, feed and live happily ever after.

This doesn't have much to do with dog training. It is just that I had an observation which is a big step above a conspiracy theory based on my experience with dogs. If the dog likes something, they are trained and will remind you if you forget.

BoDuke was so miserable coughing, he curled up on me in the middle of the night. I petted him and he seemed to get some relief. Last night before I went to sleep, he came for his curl and special pets. The head cold was a one day thing and gone.

A political commercial came on. I thought about how the Republicans are going to sue the President. -Fundraising-. If they can get their base fired up, more money will be donated.

With the deep pockets of the Koch brothers, Shelton Adelson and Blue Cross/Blue Shield, I was surprised the Republicans had to raise that much money. Michael Bloomberg and George Soros have filled the democratic coffers. Now why are these guys emailing me to chip in $5.

Link to billionaire donors = Did you know many billionaires donate to PACs and you never see their names on donor lists.

So when the political commercials make you crazy this fall. Remember, you are part of the problem if you sent money.

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