Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm a coming.

My internet is out. At first, I thought it was due to windy, stormy weather. I have used the wifi at a fast food. You feel a little creepy pulling into a parking place and cruising the web. My dog loves the burger I buy to pay for the use. Tomorrow, I'll be visiting the ATT store. I'll drop the landline and go to a wireless home phone and internet. Not too thrilled. I don't know why. I do all my talking on a cell phone.

The day has been whacked up. My brother has a cold. My two big dogs got into a fight. My sister got aggravated with my mom for having me clean the ear wax out of her ears and not going to the doctor. The horse farm next door started a fire mowing grass under dry conditions. Muffin is avoiding me because it hurt when I removed a tick. Duke is snarling at Loretta and he started the dog fight. Nothing really bad, just plenty to keep everything off kilter.

Big Brother was a big disappointment. For one thing, I tape the Big Brother at night. I already knew Cody was Head of Household. I also know that Donnie won the veto. He came in feeling elated and the other players looked disappointed. Christine looked to have cared less. She is confident of not being nominated at going home. Donnie is my dark horse favorite. After that, I would like Cody to win.

The others are not that likable. Derrick has played rough and only Donnie has seen through him. Victoria is a very weak player who everyone wants to have at the end to get the big prize. Frankie is playing for charity. It's hard to get excited about someone who does not need the money. Nicole would be a good choice. I don't like her attempts to back stab Donnie but she is likable like Cody. Christine is the evil witch. She has coasted with an alliance that has stayed unusually stable. I started disliking her when she back stabbed Nicole.

All of my favorite people have been voted out. Survivor and Big Brother do make you think good guys finish last. If the ones voted out had stayed, I may dislike them now.

I like the difference between this season's contestants and last seasons. Victoria is such a sweet girl. The chink in her armor was when Nicole came back. All three girls were competing for attention from Cody in particular. They are all so young. 

Last year one contestant had bi-polar and another had ADD. Even though they took medications they both behaved in ways that reflected on them poorly. These kids need to be paid more.  

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