Sunday, March 1, 2015

Got me a Smart TV

I got a new smart television and have learned the difference between an analog signal and a digital signal. I get so tired of learning but I do love electronics. My favorite store is the Best Buys in Warner Robins. They will discuss everything there.

I plan to cash out a variation of 401K that teachers can purchase. There is not that much money in the account in addition to how it would be paid back to me is not that attractive. I looked up the tax rate that it would be taxed at and I learned whether I took it out in increments or one big lump; the tax rate was the same.

That gets me to thinking about the electronics I want. The list can get quite large. But I have promised myself to keep some in savings for an emergency. Having my mom live with me, I know it is expensive to be a senior citizen.

We have been sick at the house this past week. It is a version of the crud. Lower respiratory and sore throats. My mother has suffered the most. We have gotten her book of exercises out to build up her muscle strength. She is eating very lightly. Some to get weight off, some to keep her stomach shrunk, some her appetite has decreased. It is the weakness that concerns me.

I'm waiting for the quarterly payment of interest in March to withdraw the funds. I plan to buy a new minivan type vehicle, a new roof, remodel the bathrooms to be more handicap assessable, treat the house for termites. There will not be that much left afterwards.

When I started saving the money, I never thought I would need to use it in my lifetime. My dad did not like the account. He felt they would go broke and I would never see my money. Well AIG did go broke and had to borrow like crazy from the government.

My money was protected in that it was guaranteed at a lower interest rate from the stock market accounts. Many with the stock market accounts lost a portion if not all of their money. I don't really know. No one has told me but I guess the lower interest rate produced more in the long run. I've got my depression era dad to thank.

My older brother doesn't like my smart television purchase. A third party could listen in. I plan to deactivate the voice recognition software to eliminate the problem. Of course my television will be a dumber one as a consequence.

I'm not that afraid of a someone listening. What they would hear would be. "Get your dog ass off that chair." "Who peed on the floor?' "What are you chewing?" Thankfully, my dogs can't answer back. It would be along the lines of "there's chicken in the refrigerator or we can eat chicken frozen" .

The other reason I don't want to fool with the voice recognition is the not unexpected, "Sorry, I did not understand what you said." Now who wants to talk to a television like the electronic dialog with the helpline of any service department for any customer service you deal with.

I can see myself watching SNL I have previously recorded and a song from endless videos that start playing on webpages starts talking. I shut the page down, but it ain't through talking. Then I got a television having to get the last word in.


  1. Always fun to get a new device. Not sure I would ever use speech though. I can use a remote easy enough. If I want to talk I'll use a phone lol plus a back talking tv isn't fun.

  2. Getting an electronic device to understand a Southern dialect would be no fun. It took me awhile to decide to spell the abbreviated versus of "did you" to what it sounds like which is "jue". I can see what a Korean translator at Samsung would be up against.


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