Friday, July 10, 2015

Havin' an existential crisis

I love to read about the writing business. My true calling in life is that of a peddler selling my wares. I've been told I was a good salesperson which may or may not be true. I tried to sell collectibles and wasn't that good at it. My cousin can find a pregnant stray dog and sell the dog and puppies easily.

So, just because I like the idea doesn't mean I am good at it even if I was always a high seller of girl scout cookies as a kid. Which moves me to my existential crisis.

I am pushing the big 6 Oh this year. I remember I was so afraid I would turn 60 and not have a book published. I will not have a book published in time for my birthday. But this is not my crisis.

My crisis is I feel pissed with editors and agents about the rules they have. Actually, it is the belly groveling that I think they may expect. Of course I have heard they are looking for a good story that sells. Especially if a writer has a platform to hawk their books. Which makes self publishing look good. Except, I want a level of achievement or confirmation that my book(s) are on the right track.

This is ridiculous in that I have no completed work that I would pitch to anyone.

This is utterly ridiculous in that I have lived a lifetime playing the game, being pragmatic.

So where is this coming from?

Serious post topic -

I am a retired mild mannered teacher. However, the whole issue of publishers and agents dictating the rules bothers me. This is surprising in that I will climb a tree to avoid an argument. So, I am assuming I am not the only one.

I am far, far away from having anything ready to publish. Common sense is if an agent and a big five is interested, tell them anything they want to hear to get the deal but read the contract carefully before signing. Make a deal with anyone reasonable.

So where does this attitude come from and when and how should I rein it in? Am I the only one?


  1. I don't have the time or the patience to deal with their crap, so just self publish away at my bay. Not sure I'd climb any trees to get away though lol

    1. When I was in college I did not belong to a sorority more so because I did not have the money nor the coolness factor to be invited. From the outside looking in, I always felt the members allowed the organization to dictate too much to them. I think this is what I am picking up on. It could also be my fear of that step when I get there. I am not above self publishing. It you have to get out and promote your book. You might as well have more control.

  2. I'm in the same boat as you except for having already passed the 60 milestone. I need some of the past luck and happenstance that helped me in my entertainment career. I guess if we are persistent enough we will both make it to some level of success.

    Tossing It Out

    1. I think you make your own luck but I also think we all have a fate to live. What we achieve may not be the most important thing. It is surprising to find yourself a driven person.


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