Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Grocery Shopping on Wednesday

We go grocery shopping on senior citizen discount day every Wednesday whether we need groceries or not. Except for milk, bread and the odd item, we could skip the weekly ritual.
We've had a lot of rain,
 and the dew laden spider webs are
 a sight to behold every morning.

It is not lost on me the mothers with their young daughters in tow. I wonder how many of the daughters will be taking mom on their weekly shopping visit. I see a few daughters like me and some older women with people hired to assist them.

 Our grocery shopping has gotten out of hand. We go to two grocery stores. Ironic in that as you get older you lose your appetite to eat that much. Last week we purchased 20 cans of chili because it was on sale at Kroger. My mom grew up during the Great Depression.

Unloading the groceries, I was tickled. There were a lot of items we did not need more of like potato chip dip. But the buy one get one free sauerkraut was not there. We overstocked that about a month ago. I know that I should be grateful that we have plenty. And dang, I didn't buy cat food. My elderly cats are cool with it. I have opened tins of tuna. They like the good stuff.

Amazing how pets get quickly accustomed to the better things. I got a pair of cockatiels who had been spoiled pets. Female owner got cancer, husband was overwhelmed. My brother collected the birds and brought them to my house. They were hungry. The male owner had just thrown them peanuts. Once they ate the expensive bird food, that was all they would touch.

It is easy to surmise that I am not a shopper. My method of saving money is to avoid purchasing items or to buy them on sale. My mother gets on a motorized grocery carts and sets sail. I have seen an older couple who I now realize must shop in Publix for about 4 to 6 hours on Wednesday. The man uses a motorized cart but the woman pushes a buggy. I am feeling my age in I get tired of slowly strolling as my mother attempts to examine every item for sale.

For my mother to have a sound mind, you would not think grocery shopping was that exciting. But her career as a mother and housewife involved a lot of wise grocery shopping and cooking. I see that in so many elderly women who shop. My mother has a friend who lives in a nice nursing home. She warns my mother how bad the food is. Losing your choices is bad no matter how old your are.

Today is a beautiful day. The sun is out with a high of about 70. My rose bushes are blooming their hearts out. I'm heading out to get some cat food.

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