Saturday, November 14, 2015

Je suis Paris

127 dead, 80 critically injured, scores wounded.

Numbers will vary.

Hope is France detains every terrorist.

The bell cannot be unrung.

The death toll will climb.

Justice may happen in spurts and small stops.

Survivors drowned in shock.

Time and closure, one being certain.

Comments by political commentators,

Conspiracy theorist setting fires

That should never burn, but will.

Daesch hurts Muslims as well as Paris.

There is a piece of me

That is running and screaming into the terrorist with drawn gun

Annihilating him, breaking his weapon

It ends the same way

In a repetition of what I cannot do.

With only frustration, I give up.

Je suis Paris.


  1. Conspiracy nuts do make it even worse, sad day indeed.

  2. What has happened in Paris gives pause to reevaluate some of our policies and views. I'm not sure what we can do that will be the absolute right thing. I guess there are few absolutes in this world.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. It is a fine kettle of fish. I guess we can give up hope our soldiers will all come home.

  3. It breaks my heart, but what gives me hope is how people come together after a tragedy. Only a day or two later the French and US united in efforts to eliminate the terrorists. It's good to be allied with France again.


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