Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sauerkraut is too sour for breakfast.

My nephdogs,
Other people's dogs are not as cute as mine. I look at pictures of people's dogs and think how much better looking my dogs are.

I was going to eat leftover sauerkraut for breakfast. Surprisingly, it was too sour. Apparently your tastebuds are sharpest in the morning.

So, I cooked bacon and made everyone a bacon sandwich. My mom had eaten earlier. But it is elder abuse to not share your bacon.

All my dogs wanted bacon and the old man cat wanted some too. I gave them all a small bite.

I've got a great Thanksgiving coming up. We're taking Thanksgiving off. We are going to the Huddle House for a late breakfast then catch a movie. I know the big meal is a tradition. But for who?

My favorite meal when I was growing up was fried fish. My mom and me would get in the kitchen and fry up a ten pound bag of potatoes, a pound of perch, a cup of oysters, a 40 ounce package of frozen, breaded shrimps and hushpuppies. It was a feast for all my siblings, my mom and dad and whatever extra kid landed up in our house that night. The irony is that I was underweight as a kid.

I can still hear the fan buzzing in the window over the stove. Piping out all the heat, oil and food smells as we cooked. One time, my parent's neighbor, "Cowboy", asked my dad what stunk. My dad said, "That's my supper". My mom was cooking company cabbage.

We had big Thanksgivings with Chicken and Dressing, turnip greens, cornbread, rolls, various vegetables and a cake. They were a lot of fun. But today, everyone eats light. We've gotten older. Some of us have special diets. Mine requires sauerkraut with the occasional bacon sandwich. 

Anyway, I'll turn off the cell phone during the flick. I would like to watch Star Wars. What the family will pick will be OK with me as long as it is not James Bond. I am a chick flick or comedy movie fan.

Everything is a matter of perspective. I've slid my kraut behind everything in the refrigerator. If you don't watch my mom, she'll eat your sauerkraut.

Below are cute dogs. I know, they are mine.


Later Baby.


  1. Fun memories. Just how may dogs do you have? The one in the rear window of the car could pass for a bobble head. Lol.

    1. Well if you go by weight, I got 200 pounds worth of dog 2 large dogs and 6 ankle biters. If someone breaks in my house, it will not be the pitbull that attacks them. It will be the Chihuahuas. I live in the country so they are working dogs. Thanks for visiting.

  2. lol wow, that is a lot of dogs haha but they sure look all to be having fun. can't go wrong with bacon either.


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