Monday, December 28, 2015

Tempes Fugit

I never start with a title.

But with 2015 coming to an end, it is fitting.

It's been a good year. I liked the ring of 2015. It seemed so bright. I looked at my car payment book and the last payment is in 2020. So far away but it will be here too soon. I've done this before. Phil McGraw's quote, "This ain't my first rodeo."sounds a lot more exciting than car payments.

Then I thought, wonder how long I will live. Will I die in the twenties, thirties or forties? Embracing the onslaught of senior citizenhood is not as exciting as turning 21 and being able to buy liquor and not as dangerous.

My older brother no longer has high blood pressure since he retired. He is also very thin. That is a hazy goal. I'm working on my weight this year. I understand if you lose a gram of fat in your pancreas, it will cure you of type 2 diabetes. It will also be easier on my joints.

So I am not making New Year's Resolutions. I'm just taking stock and thinking about what I want to accomplish this year.

This is probably creepier than my talking about dying. I like to exercise. I love getting on the elliptical at the gym as I listen to music. One of my favorite exercise tunes is Running through the Jungle by John Fogerty. He wrote the song to discuss the over proliferation of guns in the early seventies in the United States and not the Vietnam War.

Pawn shops and gun shops run continuous ads in Georgia warning they are going to take away your guns to increase sales here in Georgia. For a bunch of folks who are scared of losing their right to buy and sale guns a lot of gun shops have opened in Central Georgia. I was disappointed to learn Georgia was in the top five states for gun violence. I thought maybe our gun culture protected us from gun foolishness. Oh well, another blog post for the far distant future.

I'm obviously not stopping my habit of thinking too much.

I've made a list of projects I want to finish. I resurrecting some of my great tomes of science. I wanted to create a science workbook on grade level subject matter with the appropriate grade on the cover for EMH students. They hate using workbooks that say first and second grade and I can't blame them. You know how grown you are at eleven. No money in the project but some happy youngsters are great.

I also want to finish something I have written or worked on. I don't care which one, just one.

And Christmas is over. Just as soon as I finish the four fruitcakes marked down at Kroger, no more high calorie food. Technically fruitcake is healthy. It's made with fruit. The real reason the kid at the cash register told me she would never taste fruitcake. I did not tell her that. I just told her when she reached 60, she would get a strange hankering for it.

So I am embracing 2016. Hopefully, I can raise hell every day of this New Year which believe me is much better than giving hell. Ciao baby.


  1. Very true, the years will fly by before you know it. Nothing wrong with liking exercise either. We could croak at any time, walk out and get hit by a bus, so may as well raise a little hell. Uggg to the gun nuts.

    1. No guarantees for sure, but hope for the best. To a good year.


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