Saturday, April 23, 2016

Territorio de zaquatas

In Costa Rica, there is a dog rescue. Tourist come to walk a rigorous 1 mile walk up a mountain. So you better be fit if you want to visit. Those who opt out of the walk visit with the puppies, recuperating dogs and dogs that may run off.

For dogs this is certainly paradise. For dog lovers, it is an answer to their wishes for stray dogs. Each dog is named and given a breed to encourage their self esteem. Being loved is a dog's desire. Pictures show very happy dogs.

Below are links and youtube videos. There is a paypal email address on the video if you want to donate.

Costa Rica Star news article

Dog Territory Facebook Page

The YouTube videos are not in English. However, the video is self explanatory


  1. Wow, now that is a lot of dogs. Amazing how they all get along. Surely have to watch where you step there lol

  2. Such a sweet thing they started to help dogs like this!


  3. I'm in shape - I could handle that climb. Especially with dogs running along with me.

  4. What a cool place! Brings a whole new meaning to 'it's a dog's life':-)

  5. Very cool! I'm afraid I'd want to bring all the dogs home with me! I have one rescue dog (from an Indiana shelter) and three out of four rescue cats, that I was either part of rescuing or were rescued by others and needed a home. I have enjoyed reading some of your entries. Keep up the good work - just one more week on the A to Z Challenge!

  6. It is such a noble cause to be really in it.Thanks for sharing Ann!


  7. This is amazing. I have heard of it, but never saw these!


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