Friday, April 29, 2016

Youth Elixer

It's early, I've set up my wares. Customers start arriving in about an hour. There are a few milling about. Then there she is. This gnomish woman selling make-up and beauty products of all things.

I get aggravated every time I see her. My sister bought her product. Within weeks, she looked horrible. At first she looked real good. But, you know how things go. She's a beautician. Business was slow. She skipped using that woman's elixer. Oh my the lines and spots were a sight. I asked my sister, "Have you been in the sun?"

Something about that elixer must cause a reaction in the sun that you don't notice. Anyway, my poor sister, she doesn't come out much anymore. She stays at home. She used to fix up and be here every Saturday visiting everyone.

I just get so mad when I see that hunched up old hag. She doesn't use her own product. Or she used it and stopped. I don't know. As she walks by, I yell "People look older when your so called 'Youth Elixer' wears off."

She turns and smiles with her shoulders suddenly level for a short moment. "Repeat customers are my bread and butter." Her teeth are all brown and stained and her eyes have a otherworldly shine.

I feel a cold breeze as she walks by.


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