Friday, April 14, 2017

Lee Lofland/Katherine Lance/Harper Lee/Jack London

Lee Lofland is the lead organizer of Writer's Police Academy which is currently being held in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This conference has helped me immensely in developing antagonist and people in general for my stories.

Just being aware of what I have learned leads to further study. I am convinced, in addition to the wheel of fortune, a good understanding of the craft of writing and the psychology of people makes the difference between a mediocre received book and a potential best seller. Although 50 shades of grey made the author 98 million dollars; it will be a footnote in about ten years to fade later. There will be another book just as lurid to capture the popular fiction market to replace it.

Lee Lofland's blog is . His book Police Procedure and Investigations: A Guide for Writers can be found on Amazon.
The Pandora's Trilogy: Complete Box Set by [Lance, Kathryn]


Katheryn Lance is a rockstar. Besides writing a great Science Fiction Series (Pandora), she has written a multitude of books on various subjects. Her latest book is a memoir of her father's experiences as a World War II pilot. All of these are a great read.

B-24 Co-Pilot

The Pandora Trilogy

Website -


Harper Lee is a historical icon in that she wrote "To Kill A Mockingbird".  A novel clearly part of zeitgeist of the times it was written. A book which described the innate unfairness of Jim Crow society and the complexities of justice and courage.

Being a standard book for schools, I've read the text many times as a teacher. I have a copy of her book Go Tell the Watchman. Whether they took advantage of Harper Lee or not, we will never know. But the book was preserved for a reason.


Jack London wrote "Call of the Wild". I loved his books. It was on the reading list for 8th grade. The students weren't that interested. But, I was. So interesting to read the book followed by the teacher's guide. I could become a professional student. By the way I was a science teacher. But I did teach the odd English, Reading and History class. One year as punishment, the principal made me teach history. lol, I taught it like a science class with lots of activities.


  1. I read both To Kill a Mockingbird (for the first time) and Go Set a Watchman last year. Haven't read Call of the Wild, though.

  2. Jack London wrote all that I would like to explore.i was pretty young the first time reading him

  3. Hey, I wouldn't care if my book was a footnote after giving me 98 million bucks lol but yeah, to stand the true test sure have to know the craft and keep forever learning

  4. I loved To Kill a Mockingbird; read it probably close to 100 times. Neither of my kids liked it when they had to read it in English in high school. I haven't read Go Tell the Watchman; not sure if I am going to.


  5. Hi Ann - going to that sort of conference must give you so many extra ideas and thoughts ... as you say being made aware of nuances or facts - then leads on to other things ... the mind is a great adventurer. I've never read a Jack London but one day I must ... he's been on my radar ... cheers Hilary


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