Friday, April 28, 2017

X - Qui Xiaolong - Khushwant Singh

To find an X in the English language was difficult.  I purchased the set of short stories written by Qui Xiaolong called "The Red Dirt Road".  Qui Xiaolong has written a series of crime novels based in China. He is an expat from China who lives in the United States. Publication of his selling spring rolls to donate money to students participating in the Tiannamin Square uprising caused him to obtain political asylum in the United States.

QIU Xiaolong à l'Uniersité Toulouse - Jean Jaurès - Centre de Ressources des Langues

Khustwant Singh wrote a series of essays called "Sahibs Who Loved India". I've always enjoyed reading about India since I read the books by M. M. Kaye based in India. It is a fascinating place. There are so many people from India that blog that paints an interesting picture of the country.



  1. All praise to Qui Xiaolong for supporting those involved in the Tianamen Square horror. He must have been well aware what he risked.
    And India is an amazing place. I was only there for a month many years ago, but I was blown away.

  2. Kudos for an interesting X-post. The Red Dirt Road sounds intriguing. Salute to the author for his support to the people involved in Tianamen. And Khushwant Singh is well known in India, didn't realise his writing is read beyond our borders :) If you enjoy reading about Westerners in India then you might also like William Dalrymple's books. Have you read him?


  3. Hi Ann - well done for bringing us two fascinating people who support their countries ... definitely men to remember and to get their works ... I'm adding them to my wish list ... cheers Hilary

  4. we don't know how good it can be when we hear of over 30,000 lost family members

  5. It was probably a good thing he escaped to the US.

  6. Amazing writers. I wish them both well.
    These are two of the places that I read about and watch documentaries about because of their beauty and their history~

  7. Sure makes our complaints seem small, in most cases, compared to that. Good he got out indeed.


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