Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sheila Hudson/John House/Patrick Hempfing/Nathanial Hawthorne/Pat Hatt

Pat Hatt and a couple of cats
Can make you laugh
With whimsical tales
A bit of truth never fails
This rhyming troup
With big tails flicking aboot
(You can see I speak Canadian!)

Pat is known for the friendliest blog, Rhymetime, and a bunch and bunch of books. Some of the books are mysteries, some are fantastical romps and then there is profanity granny. Whew doggy, she can cut to the bone real quick.

I have a big crush on Pat. But my cat don't know. She is the only cat that matters in the universe. So I don't think we will ever meet. All because of two fat cats with videos replete. But you visit his blog and comment, and Pat will give you a greet.

Nathanial Hawthorne figures into my growth as a reader. We were assigned his book "The Scarlet Letter" in high school. I fake read the book for the classroom. Friends tipped me off to questions on the test and I took good notes. I made an A and read as little of "The Scarlet Letter" as I could.

Then there was dinnertime at home. My dad's favorite book apparently was "The Scarlet Letter". My seventeen year old self flat out lied and agreed it was a good book. Dad re-read the book. He talked about that stinking book. My older brother agreed with what a good book it was. He wasn't at the dinner table to save me from that conversation. He was probably in Vietnam which in my thoughts at the time might have been easier than talking about that awful book.

I went to college. No one asked me to read it there. My dad would still talk about that book. If you brought a college book home. He would read it when I was done.

I started working. A love affair did not work out. Work life wasn't going so good. I read "The Scarlet Letter". It was a very good book. I took time to discuss the book with my dad. He was right.

I can still see my dad sitting at the dining room table reading every evening. He read books twice. To get all the details right. He would read the Reader's digest condensed version and the original. Then he would say which writer wrote it best in his opinion.

So Hawthorne is an extraordinary writer. My father was extraordinary dad and reader. One of the reasons I love Pat Hatt so much is the rhyme. My father could casually bust into rhyme to entertain all of us children. I miss him.


I met Sheila Hudson, John House and Patrick Hempfing at the Southeastern Writer's Conference. As I have said in earlier blogs, they are the friendliest people. What makes the conference good besides a good program is that everyone sits down for three meals each day. I've enjoyed the camaraderie and information I've learned each time.

Sheila Hudson writes cozy mysteries and inspirational texts.

John House is a native Georgia, physician and novelist. His books reflect these aspects of the man. 

Patrick Hempfing has written a book called MoMents about his life as a full-time father.


  1. I've never read of these authors, but I have been wanting to read The Scarlet Letter. I'm now surprised I wasn't forced to read it in school.

    1. You lucky duck. The Scarlet Letter is a good read. So true education is wasted on the young.

  2. Pat certainly enjoys his rhymes with cats and I "swear" he never sleeps (or has clone). He is very prolific in his writings and months (years?) ahead in his blog posts :)


  3. Since I didn't take Literature at school I wasn't forced to read many texts - Hawthorne included. How lucky to meet authors you admire in real life!



  4. I too hesitated with Hawthorne in high school, but found the charm in later years.I think it was the ease of Cliff notes that provoked this.

  5. Thanks for the shout, even with a rhyme about, the cat likes that. Crush on Pat? The cat may give an evil glare as he chases all away at our lair lol

  6. I started the Reader's Digest Condensed version of the Scarlet Letter in high school but didn't finish it. Suppose I will have to put it on my reading list.
    Perspectives at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  7. So great to have that connection to your dad. My father always read non-fiction and loved talking about it. Pat Hatt is a talented guy. My favorite character of his is Profanity Granny. I don't consider it a biography but I see myself here and there.

  8. Pat is the man. I remember reading The Scarlet Letter in high school and not liking it very much. Maybe I should give it another go.

    H is for HAARP—Weather as a Weapon

  9. Pat Hatt is definitely a cool guy and a talented writer. ☺ As a fellow Canadian I HAVE TO say it: We don't say 'aboot'; it's 'abowt'. LOL I remember reading 'The Scarlet Letter' in high school and enjoying it. Your dad sounds like a wonderful man. You have some great memories of him.

  10. Wonderful intro. I must admit to never having made it through the Scarlett Letter. It wasn't assigned in school so I never picked up.

  11. So many H names. :D I like the "profanity granny". I sounds like a lot of fun. My mother read soooo many of those readers digest condensed books. She always read the end of stories first and then went to the beginning to see how the author arrived there. Used to drive me nuts.
    Discarded Darlings - Jean Davis, Speculative Fiction Writer, A to Z: Editing Fiction


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