I like that old time rock and roll

Someday Never Comes by Creedence Clearwater Revival haunts me. The song means something entirely different to me. Like many songs, it is an emotion and a particular lyric that attaches meaning.

John Fogerty wrote the song about what his father said after his parent's divorce. The words came back to him when he left his five year old son.

 When I have exercised on a treadmill or elliptical, I have always enjoyed another CCR tune which really almost a Vietnam War Anthem. But John Fogerty wrote in response to gun control, twenty years before people thought it was an issue. It just has a good beat to make you move a little faster.

 One of my other big exercise numbers follows. What songs do you love for meanings other than what it is written for?


  1. Just depends what mood I'm in and if a song fits that. CCR is always a good choice though.


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