Sunday, March 8, 2015

Why I like my dogs.

At this moment in time, my 65 pound pitbull Louise is trying to get the 25 pound terrier mix Muffin to move over so she can sit in the chair with her. With an ironwill and stubbornness, Muffin is not moving. So Louise sits on her head. It works every time. If you can't talk folks into doing something, make it uncomfortable until they do.

Louise would have made a good mother. My lone male dog, the bodacious BoDuke checks regular. Thank God Louise is fixed. She would have a litter of about 20 to 30 pitbull, chihuahua mixes with a dash of Jack Russell terriers.

I could corner the market on temperamental, barking, dangerous dogs. I can see the gangbangers coming to my door, "Excuse me ma'am, you got some of them dogs of yours. I need some protection from my homies."

My dad would tell us children that he took two alligators disguised as bulldogs to go fetch my mother in Alabama to marry him. Now that I own a bulldog, the alligators would have been more vicious disguised as weiner dogs.

Now what leads me to such a deep topic today, the news and editorials du jour. Today it is the merits of legalizing marijuana in Colorado. Great Jehosephat, the world is nuttin but a bunch of yin-yang turmoil.

Pot should be legalized. High profit illegal drugs should be regulated and dispensed to addicts, these are crimes that fuel a violent drug trade that have a high untaxed profit margin. This is my opinion.

I do not like pot smoking.

Marijuana is believed to induce schizophrenia in people who have a genetic weakness for the disease. What, you don't have schizophrenia in your family. Schizophrenia is like Lou Gehrig's disease. There are many who are first time genetic mutations that develop the disease. It can also be induced by a brain injury.

The upside, cannabis may allow researchers to explore the cause and treatment of schizophrenia. Meanwhile, if you want to know hell on Earth, be responsible for the care of your schizophrenic relative. You know why so many live under bridges.

The other reason I don't like pot smoking is that dulling your senses to the environment is not really living. It is like sleeping your life away.

Pot smoking on the developing nervous system is not good either. I can't even entertain the consequences of children smoking pot even though it happens with pot being illegal.

Meanwhile, I have four large deer who live in my front pasture. A young deer was killed probably by a coyote close to the road about two weeks ago. We watched all matter of animals eating the remains. It would be gross but the contentment of a lone opossum eating one evening was a beautiful thing. And I hate possums and rotting carcasses. I was careful to not let the dogs know about it. You think dog hair in the house is bad.

The carcass is nothing but a memory. I saw where a coyote brought bones to gnaw closer to my house than I like. This morning walking up my driveway,I saw the Cooper's hawk, that winters here, working the front pasture.

I've got to set up some field cameras. Meanwhile, muffin is back in the chair. Louise is drinking my coffee. I set the cup on the floor between my chair and the dog cage. Loretta had realized she couldn't lay in the cage and lap coffee. But Louise must have realized, Loretta can't stop her from drinking. It is no ordinary coffee. It is a 20 ounce cup.

Louise is the sneakiest coffee thief that ever lived. I should smack the hell out of her. But I'm not drinking the coffee after she has had some. I'm thinking of building a small but tall chair side table that holds a lamp. At the base of the lamp, there is a door to a compartment that will hold my coffee cup.

I can see Louise pulling the door open and drinking my coffee if I get up and do anything..


  1. lol a coffee addict. We had an airedale that loved coffee and my grandmother has a cat that will steal hers. Yeah, pot smoking is stupid in most cases, I know a few who it helped with cancer and in that case i say power to them. Legalizing it everywhere seems like it should be common sense. Can tax the crap out of it and alcohol is no better for you, but its legalized.

  2. I have give thought to pouring Louise a cup every morning. But I have eight dogs in all, and they would all want a cup, and I would have to supervise that no one stole anyone's coffee, and I don't think Louise would enjoy that coffee as much as the one I plan to drink.

  3. Medical marijuana should be legal...I think Colorado is having some problems with legalization as are the states that surround it. I have one coffee drinking dog out of my 3 dogs.

    1. Sounds like you got one cool dog. Louise is a cool dog even with her coffee drinking, head sitting vices. With marijuana, there are no easy fixes. I do think people should have access if they need it for their health.

  4. My son worked in Colorado the last two summers and he has a real strong opinion about the work efficiency of pot users. It really made his job tougher. I don't share my coffee with anyone no matter how much I love them.

    1. I agree with your son. One day, preferably several of them in a row, I will outsmart Louise.

  5. I agree that pot and other drugs should be legalized. There are downsides to the use of any of these drugs, but I won't dismiss what I think are some benefits and not all of those benefits have been fully explored. Like alcohol and tobacco, drugs should be controlled with every attempt to keep it away from younger folks and solid truthful education should be encouraged. Drug users should not be the equivalent to criminals and the current laws are where the criminalization starts.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Well said, I agree with you. We spend so much on prisons that it is an industry in Georgia.
      When I taught school, I always taught children that they should make the decision for themselves. The just say "No" is too shallow. I never drank because I had alcoholics in my family and knew the misery.


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