Friday, March 20, 2015

Is "Kiss my Rump" profanity

You know I wanted to use the real word. Another word is damn and Jesus. I wrote a 200 word flash fiction entry for a contest. I used the word damn and then I read, no profanity. My chances of winning are so nil I debate on whether I should spin $25 on an entry fee.

This is my year to test the water and put some of my writing out there. John Cleese states that being creative is taking your time and thinking about how to make your work better. My observation with my writing is that cutting words in half improves it dramatically. I do take time but not because of my studious work ethic. It's more the cacophony of folks in my life.

I revised the 200 word fiction last night. I thought it was done but I rediscovered that John Cleese is right.

My parents always told me comedians were intensely intelligent, and they are. Sometimes Cleese's observations about people are not correct but most of it is right on.


I love the British paper The Guardian. They had another article bemoaning the false intelligentsia of Gwyneth Paltrow.

One common fallacy is that someone being successful in life means they are successful in everything. There is a naivete of Paltrow. I am a big fan of her work but what she opines does not affect me that much.

What I do know is we all have a story. Whether you want to hear the story or not is another matter. One big obstacle for me is my desire to get along with everyone. It is a bit fearsome to put your thoughts and story out there. There is always someone ready to shoot holes in your story.



  1. kiss my rump isn't profanity and as far as damn being profanity, only stick up their bum types really care about that. Comedians sure do see things in a way many don't.

    1. Don't get me on comedians. So many routines rely on the f-bomb tossed about with a few profane shockers thrown in.

  2. I wouldn't consider damn as profanity but you never know what some markets will say. I try to never listen to movie stars or professional athletes speak in interviews. I always end up thinking, 'how can someone with that IQ be making so much money?'

    1. Television is so unremarkable in their dialogue and content. I have nothing against the Kardashians, but It does disturb me how they can rake in money and offer no talent or substance, just pictures of them being cool.


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