Thursday, March 5, 2015

For real

" I know nobody will read this but sometimes, when I'm bored, I get wrapped up in a sleeping bag and lather butter all over myself and slide around the kitchen floor pretending I'm a slug."

No it is not original but I wish I had made it up. I was tagged in a chain Facebook post to post this on my timeline. I don't do chains, so no one who commented had any consequences on my post. I don't believe in chains whether they are good or bad. I posted it because it was funny.

My favorite Facebook post has obviously been taken down. One of my Facebook friends, whose name I remember from elementary school - hey we all get to reconnect, posts a lot of conspiracy theories. This one I should have taken a screenshot. It claims the government controls the weather. Then she has this friend that chimes in how Hurricane Katrina was the result of them playing with the weather.

These paranoid news bits are hysterical. Of course she is very serious. I wondered about her sanity. I think it is mostly what my dad called the honeycomb theory of the brain. You fill it with crap, that is all you can think. Why so many people succumb is right out of a grade B horror film.

Crazy week at my home. We have all been sick. Mom is in the hospital. Her sodium levels in her blood were too low. Whenever my mom gets sick again, she is going to the doctor the first day. This has really been an uneasy scare. Last night after I left, the kidney doctor came in. He explained a lot to her but she was not wearing her hearing aides. So I am in the dark.

Mom wanted to go to the doctor but did not want to go to the hospital. We all love that magic pill that does not exist.

Anyway, tonight I will crawl under the covers and sleep like a log.


  1. Hopefully all gets on the up and up with health soon. lmao wow, she really believes they control the weather? That is pretty sad. I mean I suppose if they wanted to they could pull some scientific thing off to create weather, but control it all around the world? pffft right.

    1. That was the craziest. I have seen others almost as bad. I have always just looked at the picture and kept on scrolling. But I think I will start a collection of crazy memes.

  2. I had to hide my niece for a while when she was on her conspiracy theories...I did not like to think she was really that crazy.

    1. At least when you are young, you can change. One person in particular do these posts but they are also into saving the environment and other good pursuits. I've always just scrolled on past but they would make a good character.


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