Blog Roll Review

I'm on a roll
I'm on a blog roll.
I'm on a blog roll review.
Looking for something new.

Wild sex with a stranger
Titillating fantasy
It was over soon

 White Guilt served with pictures of oppression
 Important lesson for all
Crude smack of the human condition

Advice Given - learn to love change.
Holed up in a corner with computer.
Not for while will be too soon.

Mealtime woes and dinnertime foes
Whoever heard of a child that wouldn't eat.
I got a dog who won't eat.

 Laughter and small stuff
 Dark comedy review
 Comments add to the stew.

Dinner date with Bee
Pizza and movie with hubby
Sometimes its nice to get out.
One day I'll go to Chicago
and have a night out.

Mod Mom in Jersey has gas pump news
They want change from the gas pump crew
They got, they got, they got the customer service blues.
(I sung that line, be glad you couldn't hear it.)

Teenage beauty quips
War & Peace
With a quick little wit.

I'm on a roll
I'm on a blog roll.
I'm on a blog roll review
Looking for something new.


  1. Very nice! Great flow. I recognize a few of those blogs - all worthy mentions. And I never met a dog that wouldn't eat. :)


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