Friday, May 3, 2013

My little buddy - Flash Fiction Friday

The cold wind leaves a bite on your face. The summer visitors to this sleepy town have long gone to their homes. Just a small group of locals stayed during the low season.

Orange rays of sunlight peaked above the surface of the lake.

“I spy”

Jeremy meets my gaze, “orange”.

Orange or Urnge?

“Orange” and he stamps his feet like his mom.

We sit on the grass and count the orange jelly beans I have tucked in my pocket. Our new number is 13. He counts solidly and looks me in the eye.  “Thirteen”, He greedily takes his win.

I take several steps to the water’s edge and release Janet’s ashes into the wind. I watch jellybeans dapple the water’s surface.

“Goodbye mom.”

A rock hard sob chokes in my throat. My little buddy was her idea that I resisted. 

We stand in silence as the sun rises.

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