Normal Day - real blog post for once

Staking and tying tomato plants has occupied most of my morning. My mother has pruned an azalea bush. I hope it makes it. There are no leaves left. It will be bushier and prettier than ever or dead as a door nail. Plenty of water this summer may help.

I've been writing lots of fiction and have fallen into its pitfalls, which is another serious project to write. I haven't finished the three biggies I am slowly tapping out. Jeez Louise, the dogs love the office work. My sister's dog Checkers who is a hooligan even sneaks in to lie in wait. When I get deep into what I am doing, Checkers has suggested "dog fight" to one the dogs. My office staff know this is verboten.

Dogs know when you are totally lost in thought. Even uncannier is they know when you are going in the car. You can hide your purse in the garage and wear your keys around your neck and they will perk up and start trailing you once you attempt to exit the house.

Two members of my office staff, The small blurry one "Buttons" was redecorating. A dog bed is really comfortable after you tear the stuffing out.
You can see why fiction has its appeal. Mopping floors, picking up dog poop, washing dishes, not in that order, leaves some excitement to be desired. 

The news is terrible. Tornadoes in Oklahoma, innocent children killed by the tornado, killed by their mothers, killed by their brother, politicians making mountains out of molehills and molehills out of mountains, the world is turning off kilter as usual. 

Politicians do provide some comic relief when you listen to what they want to discuss. The eternal search to discredit the other, get re-elected, give jobs to their friends and family, create a disturbance so you will not notice could be a great topic to write about. Until a person disagrees with you. Both parties maintain the other one picks on the other. 

This is why I don't post about politics or religion. We have accepted being a hard head as the norm and I don't want my hard head friends to dislike me. 

What! Who said I was hard head?


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