Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Complaining is one reason I write. If I am not careful, it could be the focus.

The real reason I started to write is that it is a childhood wish. I wanted to write a book. Knowing what I do now, I should have started writing and learning how to write thirty years ago.

My hillbilly self thought the story just came out. Now I know you can engineer a story. My stories still just come out. I just make them more palatable for people reading by following the rules.

Another thing I would have done is work with little theatres. I am not an actor and did not think it would be something I would like. I know the people I would have met while making props and costumes would have made my life fuller. The fact that I like to paint and sew were hobbies I could have enjoyed in the process.

When I look at blogs, all us chicks say the same thing. We have struck a point in our life where the writing has to happen. We have figured out no one really cares what you have to say. They are just waiting on being able to talk themselves.

My storylines began because of stress. The problem with being the family caretaker is relatives think they help you by telling you what to do. It never dawns on them what you really need is a break. Four hours or anything where no one can stop what you are doing or talk to you.

My story began as a fantasy for myself then I realized it was an escape wish, then I knew I could write it down as a story. The original fantasy never was written. Other stories emerged. I get 15 minutes here or there to write.

The end result is I can say my opinions in a roundabout way. Give my view of the world for whoever will read it. The blog was created to create a publisher platform. Competing with so many blogs, I am not well read which is good. It gives me a chance to learn, explore.

I have a few funny blog posts mimicking a few well read blogs. Some of this is out of jealousy. Most of it is due to funny commonalities which I think lend humor.

Thanks for reading. And, feel free to give me input. It will make me better at this new hobby.

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