Monday, May 13, 2013

Lakebottom Prime is the bomb!

Yes, you heard me, "bomb" which was cool talk in the 1990s   It's hard to.imagine someone born in 1990 is now 23. Squarely in the throes of - you really are grown and it is not as easy as your parents made it look. Don't despair you will make it. One day, you'll find that your entire adulthood will be speckled with doubt.

 My favorite 23 year old actor, Chase Steven Anderson is definitely making it. He plays the male lead in the indie film Seven Toe Maggie written and directed by Joseph Lavender which will be released this summer. He is the hapless bugler, Brewster Tuttle, in the hilarious comedy, Lakebottom Prime in Columbus, Georgia.  

If you want to go, you need to purchase your tickets soon. Next weekend are the final performances.

Lakebottom Prime Springer Opera House Tickets .

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Five from my family went. I had no expectations. I had never been to the Springer Opera House. The theatre is about the same size as the Alliance theatre in Atlanta. 

All of the parking was convenient and free. Accustomed to navigating parking lots, strategically getting my mother out in front of venues with cars honking, Hawaiian peace signs and dirty looks from strangers, then follow a maze from the parking area to the venue, I was already in a state of escape when we just parked in the front, locked the  doors and entered. My 82 year young mother had no trouble navigating with her walker.

 The lobby to the theatre is a feast to the eyes. So many pictures and interesting pieces of history displayed. The resident haint didn't avail himself. A disappointment we are glad to have missed. If you love decorating, the wallpaper, carpeting, paint detail and woodwork was incredible.

We promptly went to the saloon and ate popcorn. I don't know what it is about theatre popcorn.

My brother was complaining. One sister regretted making plans with us. Within the first minute of the play, we were all laughing. The play was so well cast. Helen Varner played Cilla Tucker and when she said her signature, Yay.", inside I was saying "so whoo is calling me boring now."

For my writing friends who enjoy plays and movies in two ways. The plot moved forward and the jokes kept rolling.Topher Payne who wrote Lakebottom Prime, played the part of Tucker Tuttle . I'm always so impressed with the genius of others. I would give more details but the play is too much fun to give spoilers. You have to come see it.

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