Jerks rule

Twitchforks, tweets that main and kill another tweeter. Social media has it good and pitfalls. I snoop unabashed on Facebook. If I am trying to figure out who a person is, their profile is somewhere on the internet.

I've been blogging less than a year. I want to write the Great American Novel. At this point, I got a ways before I get there. I would love to start a MFA program anywhere. The huge elephant in my way, an elderly mom and two handicapped siblings that need help. I've had some people tell me, it is unreasonable for you to take care of them, it will kill you.

Needing a little respite, it may kill me I feel at times. It's just the humanity. How do you walk away from someone who needs you. You don't. How many people live a better life because they ran away from their troubles.

So learning is a process of trial and error. Surprisingly making comments on other people's blogs are good practice. Well I have been irritated by spam bloggers, I have encountered another --->

Susan Tamalumas who has been targeted as a spam blogger by word press.

She may have opened a blogger account called AnnB. She is their only friend. She or He left a comment on my blog. I quarantined it as spam. In the scheme of things, it not that big a deal. I have a common name. Nothing has happened to me.

I just feel angry I have to be aware of such foolishness. A friend of mine commented similarly where people felt it appropriate to make snarky comments about a newspaper article where a man from a good family killed a brother and his parents. I couldn't blame her reaction. I read comments under articles and I often wish I had not. Why would I read them = gossip. People volunteer information they should not. I'm not saying I always believe the volunteer information.

Anyway, I enabled capcha. I hate it. I can't get capcha right when I do it for other blogs. Sometimes it takes me three tries.


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