Thursday, June 18, 2015

Are you good at brownnosing?

A question on facebook was posted. Should you go to a high school reunion if everyone hated you in school? The graduation date was 1970, which would make the person  around 63.

My thought is why not,

None of those 17-year-olds will be there. They lost their innocence in the world just like him. They learned the house they lived in or the car their parent's drove was not theirs. They had to go to work and budget to make a similar purchase. A huge hospital bill, a speeding ticket, partying hardy could stand between them and the purchase of either.

When the Columbine High School shootings occurred, my night school class came in talking about it. One told me the boys did it because they were picked on. I said what I thought, we all get picked on.
What surprised me were the class agreed with me. I thought some of them solemnly talking about being picked on were the sort to do the teasing. Moving up and down that social ladder affects all.
I would hazard a guess that most of our classmates felt picked on or left out.

Could you have been responsible for the hatred? Like, did you say bad stuff? Like, do you think anyone would remember? Like, do you think anyone would hold your youthful mouth against you? Especially if they had teenagers. Could your transgression of being independent that defied a teenagers need to conform to the peer group expectations be a source of pride now.

Exactly who do you remember from high school? When folks friend me from high school, I would look them up in the yearbook. I still am careful who I friend, but I keep everything private for my eyes only if I can. I'm glad people use the privacy setting for their kids pictures. I just wish they would be a little more discreet with politics I don't like. I feel flattered that people remember me.

I had a parent of a student who kept talking about being on the basketball team at Northside. At the time, I was about 46 and would think, now that was a few years ago. However, I realized she thought she knew me. My younger sister recognized the name. Anyway, that long ago prestige was still with her.

I am approaching 60. I got off the social ladder a long time ago. It just wasn't that fun and not worth the effort. Sort of like "brown nosing", I wasn't good at it. It doesn't take long to know you are the lucky one. I feel some pity for those who think the clothing on their back or car they drive defines them. To not know that these are only illusions.

Anyway, I would go to the reunion to meet new people.

What do you think? Am I being too optimistic? I have never been to a reunion. My class was pretty slack, and hey I am not interested in all that work either. So am I being a little too pollyanna?

I hope everyone finds something to take their minds off the horrors of the news. I have certainly said a prayer for those folks in South Carolina. What a horrible, senseless tragedy.

Anyway enjoy the following video.

When you're having a tough day but then your jam comes on...
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  1. Haha quite happy with the song. Pffft to brown nosing too, they want me to kiss arse, they better pay well lol never been to a reunion and doubt I will, if I wanted to keep in touch, I would have.

    1. I've moved on also. If the people I was friends with came, it would be great. But they live all over the country now.

  2. You're very insightful. People change or should change as they grow up. I would like to think I wasn't mean in high school. I picked up strays all the time and included them in our group. But sometimes the hurt you cause others is something you're totally unaware of. My own children were known for being kind to other kids and were often asked by teachers to look out for kids struggling to make friends. I did know some 'mean' kids in school but I never felt picked upon. When it comes to reunions, I've only been to a few and there's a big difference between people who 'stayed' in their hometown and those of us who moved away.
    As for people who bring a gun to school because they were bullied or picked on, how does that make sense? The problem with teenagers is they have no perspective about how small a part of their entire lives high school is.

    1. I've never been a big talker. I was surprised to find out after high school that people thought I was snooty. I just did not have anything to say. So as a rule, I try to make small talk to people.

      Parents need to have a relationship with their child. Even when they ignore you, what you think is still there. Gun control, I live where people are so pro-gun and it just does not register that gun control could be a good thing.


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