Sunday, April 28, 2013

beware = there is always someone who wants something for nothing

I have been vulnerable at times in my life. It is depressing the predators that exist and how mobile and alert they are. All that energy would allow them to compete with Donald Trump if they were legitimate.  It's a bit of irony that these folks usually squander what they get.

If I write a check on my mom's bank account, they examine the check carefully. I read in the paper about a couple had emptied about $100,000 from a senile man's bank accounts. The things they bought. Luxury items like expensive jet skis. They were middle-aged, dumpy and unkempt. I thought of the phrase you can dress a mule like a horse but it won't be a horse. Course a mule is a handsome animal in its own right. The couple looked more like a ratty old donkey pair.

My blog is not well read so I encounter blog spammers more like filmhill or vampirestats. They make you think they are visiting your blog and bringing people to view your blog. You  hit their link and they will sell you something. Filmhilll locks you on their page and you have to shut the browser down to get away. They are selling today's fish oil guaranteed to help you lose weight. Are they calling me fat?

Medic Alert called my house to set up their system in my home. They blatantly told me they were setting up a time to install the system that had been ordered. I think not. I would know if I had ordered it. They should have enough business without having to bambuzzle someone.

Oh well, I least I have my senses. I have a friend who is in her eighties. She and her husband hang up if they don't recognize the voice. This is my new policy.

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