Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Death Row in the backseat of my Car.

In prison, the death row prisoners are the easiest to handle. No one makes waves when that bad day could tilt the scale to schedule your execution.

I picked up fried chicken before  coming home today. I can place it in the passenger seat of the car and the pit bull and chihuahua mix sit in the back seat like the choir in the choir loft.

BoDuke who weighs 10 pounds has food aggression. He will fight every dog in the house to stand beside me when I eat. If a crumb falls, he will get it. Louise the pit bull is an incredibly gentle dog. She will allow BoDuke to make her sit several feet from me. I watched her for signs of aggression when I realized she was part pit bull. She is very gentle, then I learned she is pit.

I don't believe in breeding any dog but especially powerful dogs like Louise. I don't believe in leaving children alone with any dog or cat. I keep up with Louise. She loves it.

I'm sure if I was not present, the two dogs would have had a disastrous conversation about the chicken or Bo would have backed down to Louise. Anyway, it is amazing how polite a pair of dogs can be if chicken is on the line. I fed two pieces to my dogs. I call a name before putting a piece in their mouth. I make everyone follow the rule. Chicken is a terrible thing to waste.

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