Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's late Saturday night and we have had an eventful day, lots of little stuff and nothing extraordinary and a small catastrophe.

The goal was to get out of the house. We went to Happy Hour Workshop to donate a few things. As we walked in, we got fussed at by two women there for having dogs in the car with the windows up. It was 60 degrees out and 9 am. The sunlight was not direct, besides my sister was sitting in the car.

We had no business looking around. Our goal was to leave stuff there and not collect more things. Since the two women were going to call the police on us, we decided to leave. What would we do? Rat them out for having 10 dogs when the city limits you to three. This I know because the friendly one shared that tidbit with me.

Well my jailbird mother, sister, brother and I stopped at a few yard sales then swung through McDonalds for a chicken wrap.

I showed up late for the Macon writer's club.

Since I have retired, I feel like I belong nowhere. I had three dogs in the truck so I left it idling with the doors locked. Its hard to relax when you do that. Of course, I gave a few opinions that I should have kept to myself. Not that they were that strong, its just that - well, no one cared.

I came home, ate. I am dieting. I control my diabetes with diet. I have been pushing the limits lately and I need to get on the straight and narrow.  I laid down to watch a little television  my brother comes to tell me mom is on the floor.

She is OK. It's just she can't get up off the floor and she does not want me to hurt myself lifting her. I called 911. The fire department came and four skinny young guys had her up and in her chair in no time. The ambulance then came to make sure she was alright.

After we had calmed down. Daisy the dog was shaking through the whole situation. We were in a tough spot. I went outside and tilled the side flower bed. I was seeding the sunflower plants and the two black and white chihuahua mixes were eating them as fast as I could put them in the ground. I had to get them in the house.

So this was my day. Take care.

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