Saturday, June 14, 2014

Responsible Gun Toters

Georgia has enacted a broad law in which gun owners can carry their guns into public places and gatherings.

I don't know what the statistics are but we do not have as many gun atrocities in public places in the Southeast. We do have a higher murder rate. Sociologist have theorized this as being a result of the high level of Scot-Irish ancestry. We can never get away from stereotypes can we.

I learned to shoot and care for a weapon at a young age. Gun safety is something my dad made an iron clad rule. We were taught to carry a rifle or gun properly. We were taught to not display a weapon unless we planned to use it. Displaying a weapon is a threat implied.

I was surrounded by two older brothers and a younger brother. One thing my dad emphasized to them was not to be fighting. The human body was fragile.

A group of children taunted a very sweet student of mine who was not too bright. Their comeuppance was a seriously broken arm. They were lucky one of them was not killed. Kids watch television and see fight scenes. We watch these characters stand up unscathed from a fight with a band aid maybe for their efforts.

I don't like the law. I don't think the law will last the next legislative session. The core of Governor Deal's voters in Georgia are gun rights proponents. A bunch of grandpas who might have to defend their freedoms and country.

Imagine these grandpas outgunning and out fighting all of the GI's and weaponry of the United States military. They have watched one too many Bruce Willis films if they think this could happen.

The following article is excellent. - It's hard to be a good guy with a gun.

There is a lot of training and simulations that law enforcement and military engage in that the average citizen has no in depth knowledge.

There was a rapist in Warner Robins when I was a child. He was caught by the newspaper delivery woman who carried a gun for protection. He ran when she pointed the pistol. She recognized him. Law enforcement prosecuted.

When it comes to personal protection, there is learning and training on what to do. Guns do kill people and a lot faster than other weapons of attack. They can be used for protection but a lot of wisdom has to go into effect for that to happen.

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  1. Nice read...yes the government definitely needs to think over its decision again..:)


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