Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Where's my refund?

I was directed by the Georgia IRS website to call about my refund. I waited because who wants to make that phone call. Well I did it today. I will get my refund in about 7 to 10 business days.

Now the imagination I had. This is why I don't claim any charitable donations on my itemized deductions. It is just mortgage interest and taxes. I don't want to be proving anything. It is just not worth the hassle of being singled out for an audit.

The good news is I had my tax forms printed and organized. I knew my mom's would be. I have to make her a copy for her to keep. So my copy is always super organized.  My mom knows all about my organizational situation.

I live in fear of her being audited. The stress would kill her. Of course, faults aside which my mom would have already reminded me, she would give someone her opinion. At 84, you really don't pick on her children.

I can see mom and I in the pokey. This year, I barely finished the taxes on the 15th. Next year, I'll do them on February 1st when all the forms come in. Yeah, yeah, I know you believe me. Don't be rolling your eyes. One day I will be organized.

I have one big word of advice. Don't slide your kindle under your couch late at night. Mine got scratched real bad.

Take care.

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