Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Nine Principles of A Cat's Nine Lives

1.  When you hear a loud bang, scram. Come back later to learn what happened.

2.  A little hard to get is OK for people who like you.  However, if someone doesn't like you, by all means, kill them with attention.

3. Select your food with care. Eat a special diet when you are older to live better.

4. Sleep on the best possible bed.

5. When you meet a good human, stay with them.

6. Slip out the back door when you damn well feel like it.

7. Recognize that the cat snarling and fighting may be just standing up for themselves.

8. No one likes to go to the doctor.

9. Expect what you want and nothing less.

My brother wants to be my cat or dog if he comes back in another life.

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