Sunday, June 1, 2014

Letter to the editor: Part Deux

Well I am officially a senior citizen. This may be my second letter to the editors.

I liked Charles Richardson's article proposing that people vote in both primaries.

I watched Heath Clark and Cullen Talton discuss issues on channel 13. Heath Clark proposed getting rid of property taxes and state income taxes and move to a fair tax based on sales.

What disturbed me is that no one says to maintain services like law enforcement and public schools, that fair tax will be anywhere from ten to twenty percent in addition to the present sales tax. Both men know this. They have to say what they need to say to be elected.

The tea party's initial infrastructure was founded and funded by the Koch brothers. The Koch brother's influence on Governor Deal is why 650,000 Georgians who are entitled to medicaid are being denied and rural hospitals are closing. Some of the frailest citizens in Georgia have to pay the price.

If the electorate were more moderate, Nathan Deal would be more moderate. For every conservative, there is a liberal. Then there are three or four moderates like me who have to choose between the lesser of two evils and don't vote according to one issue only.

All the competition was removed for Georgia employees and teacher's insurance. It was all awarded to Blue Cross/Blue Shield and is administered in Texas. Blue Cross/Blue Shield is the Republican Governor's organization second largest donor. Maybe the voice of the moderate should speak louder than a billionaire's or corporation's  money.

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