Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What makes a cougar woof.

What makes a cougar woof?

That depends on the cougar of course.

A cougar's woof is that combination of you know we aren't leaving this world alive and what you missed the most in life.

This cougar's woof got muzzled.  So I'm saving everything until I'm 75. I'll be that withered old gal traveling by herself. Of course, I'll be content. Provided I wake up each morning.

A teacher I worked with retired in her mid fifties and got a job at a home improvement store and proceeded to make a fool of herself lusting after this thirty something hunk. At the time, I thought she was being a bit foolish. Now I understand.

My weakness is not younger men. I like them my age or older which is good and bad. It is so decent to be interested in someone your own age. Bad in that men wear out faster than women. Hard to find that walking and traveling buddy.

Anyway, this cougar woofs at adventure, travel. Presently it is travel via book. But look out, in twenty years, you'll hear my woof.

Now I hope I ran a few sentences on. Cheers.

When I'm 64 by the Beatles

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