Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fraud Alert! Fart Alert!

Fraud Alert! Fart Alert!

Such similar things at times.

But the info does niggle at me. Makes me want to name names and pick up the bits later.

Not that it has any real prize. Alas, the world is not fair. Akin to those websites that get you to click with tempting headlines and no content.

Wading through so much and learning so much that you could have lived without knowing. What bothers me is the stepping on others for so little.

I haven't gotten into the television show Big Brother yet this summer. It is not real life but those kids are so tough. It is a vicious one man upmanship, political dynamic.They would make me cry in no time. Then vote my butt out.

 It took the feedback from an online editor serious, then I noted they were wrong when they said my work was full of spelling errors, run-on sentences and sentence fragments. Word  points out errors as I work. That's when I realized the editor may just not like my writing.

The editor who I shall call Negatini did me a favor. I also need to work on my five open writing projects. In addition, I take care of three people and my house needs cleaning. I enjoy the challenges. I love reading everyone else's work. I just don't have the time to do it and write too.

Anytime I deal with a trades person or salesperson, I stop working with them when they get too negative. It is such a manipulative tool. Needless to say, Negatini won this week on the blogroll. Her response was an upper middle class anecdote.

The negativity principle was at work. I think it could be a stylistic point of view problem as well as plain cheating. Since the winner wins with about 8 votes total, A clique could control the outcome. In addition, the editors also compete which is a conflict of interest. I made a donation for the website; but, the editors may not be paid.

One aspect of writing is it makes you a critic. You revel in the really good stuff. I understand why I have always been a book snob.

My future blog posts will include more book reviews. I read so much good stuff.  Tomorrow I plan to finish reading "Buck's Landing" by Cameron Garriepy on my Kindle while I wait at the doctor with my sister. I've read the first chapter and I can't wait to read the rest.

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