Monday, July 14, 2014

hijacked email

I changed my phone service to prepaid Verizon and opened another Google email account. I've got the password somewhere. Fearful when I knew someone had taken claim to the account with my blogger picture from Google plus, what do I do get plastic surgery.

Fortunately, the phone seems secure and the Google plus with this email account was not compromised. This is why I would use blog spot or their big competitor. An individual doesn't have the clout of a large corporate entity like Google.

The email is open on my cell phone. I could not access it because someone has changed the emergency contact. I found a compromise. I hope my Google plus account and blog doesn't disappear. I changed the name on the Google email plus account to stolen email and the name change is under review by Google.

I didn't know any other way to shut the email down. I don't like that it could be used with my picture to dupe other people. In essence, the account is not accessible because of this action.

I write down all the crazy passwords I have made up. I started fresh when my hard drive crashed from a virus a few months back. What an aggravation. I'm keeping a diary of when I register for sites so I can close them down several months down the road when I don't use them.

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