Friday, July 11, 2014

What's the bigger fantasy John Tesh?

I finished reading Buck's Landing by Cameron Garriepy which was a lovely, breezy story.

Buck's Landing

John Tesh and some man on his radio show warned that women need to be careful about becoming addicted to romance novels. As the too much sage advice host warned, reading too many romance novels could lead to unrealistic expectations. I thought that was the purpose of a romance novel, the fantasy.

Many elements went into this novel which makes it a good read. The prose was exceptional. You were lost in the story.

What fantastical elements did I like. The sex was always incredible and passionate. Sofia Buck was ever beautiful. Evidently, she did not need to pluck chin hairs like the rest of us brunettes. Of course the meals were exceptional;, she did not burn the marinara; the fried dough had not set under a heat lamp; and Silas knew exactly which restaurant to go to or what dessert to bring to an affair.

Did I tell you that Silas was great with children and stayed when Sofia busted out bawling. Sharing more of what a wonderful man Silas was would ruin the story.

It's hard to believe Sofia walked away from him. The question for the reader, what happened to the two passionate lovers. I can guarandamntee you will not be disappointed with their fates.

I don't read romance often. A chick flick I loved was "It's Complicated" with Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep. You should have seen her garden. It looked like something out of Disney. The movie was panned. But it was a great fantasy story all the same.

You don't need a vampire lover or tinkerbell to get a good fantasy going. Slip on over to the romance department.

John Tesh said men get into action/adventure stories. Yeah, like those aren't fantasies too.

Sort of like the men who see themselves waking in the middle of the night and besting the ax murderer who has come for them and their families. Those fantasies can also be dangerously unrealistic.

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