Wednesday, July 9, 2014

In the quiet

I have a college aged acquaintance. Idealistic and driven, he is on the cusp of starting his life. I heard him say he did not have time to read the "Game of Thrones" even though he is a big fan of the show.

I haven't watched the show which I know has to be very exciting. No time is the reason. You really have to pick and choose what you do. Time seemed more plentiful when I was younger but I have always found myself running.

It's in the quiet when I have had my best ideas.

I lost my job in 1982 due to a cutback in teaching positions but more due to the fact I did not have a grip on discipline at the high school I worked at.  Working at a peach packing house in the evenings, I realized I needed to quit and find a job that summer while I still was being paid for my previous year's teaching.

It was that tedium of looking for bad peaches that allowed me to think. When working on a screenplay, I cleared so many facets while doing water aerobics. Currently, I have epiphanies as I mow grass. I came across the name for imaginary characters in a children's book I am writing as I walked my dogs.

The ideas are all there. You just need to slow down for them to come out. I understand meditation. It is not the clearing of your mind. It's the reduction of thoughts to have something of importance to get your attention. I've never been a prayer in the conventional sense. I don't do a long petition to God. It is more like I send a thought to God, then I send it again, again, and yes again. Put a little energy in my petition each time.

I try not to give advice because no one really likes advice unless they are grasping at straws. Even then it can wear on their nerves. But what I would tell my friend is choose what you do carefully. Don't bite off too much. When everything gets real noisy you accomplish very little. I know from experience.

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