Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Moving away.

Been busier than a bee this past week. I've had to help a brother who lives a 2 1/2 hour drive away. I am so exhausted when I get home. My bulldog walks into the house and looks at the other dogs like she is a celebrity.

I drove by a house I lived in for about 13 years. They cut my fig tree down and all the daylilies were gone. But an apple tree I planted was loaded and the azalea that were still alive looked pretty big and good. I recognized my former neighbor on his front porch with some kids. I thought of saying hello but time takes it toll on friendships too.

Built up is what old Fayette County Georgia looked with humongous weeds where Lake Peachtree should have been in places. It costs money to dredge a lake.

What struck me the most were memories of people and places that are gone. They are so real but no longer exist. What was once 4 eighth grade science teachers in the county is more like 50 now.

My bully looked at me like why are we going down these roads. Her face softens and looks wistfully down the road as we get closer to my home. I was stopped by a train two miles from home. I just turned the engine off and read.

Anyway, it is shorter another way. Life moves on.

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