Friday, July 4, 2014

My way or the highway

There was lots to think about today. It was hectic but not strenuous. My sister went to the heart doctor. Waiting is such a hassle. We got out in pretty good time, two hours.

I took mom and her home afterwards. Enough time to do nothing at the house and I took a little nap. I went back to pick my brother up from the workshop and I saw a young man waiting to cross the road with his skateboard. He was about 16. Beautiful kid, smooth skin, shiny cap of black hair, he had to check his phone as he waited. He seemed so young, too young to be out in town on his own. But I know he was old enough and looked to have enough sense to navigate the world via skateboard.

I took my brother to the barbershop and read GQ. The June 2014 issue had an interview with Glenn Greenwald who has helped Eric Snowden leak documents he took from NSA. Why don't women magazines have a little more meat?

For the record, I don't approve of Eric Snowden's actions. He has released confidential files which compromises the United States. It is naive for anyone to think any developed country does not have files such as these. To think the world has our comprehensive cat video files is shocking.

The whole whistle-blowing by Snowden is a two headed monster with one head being Snowden and the other one the sloppiness with NSA that allowed it to happen.

I have been surprised at Americans upset about all this information gathering. Did they not know about the Patriot Act. It was reported loudly and often in the media. For the record, I was not keen on all the information gathering or the initial invasion of Iraq.

Greenwald states that all the major outlets in the world are on the take. Snowden did the right thing in choosing his conspirators. Greenwald has won two writing awards based on the files. Greenwald is obviously biased.

It's the individual that can make all the difference. I just don't think Snowden's actions did anything but create more tension in the world. I get it that he thinks he is a hero. I just think staying in the United States and releasing those files to the FBI would have been more patriotic. He may have served jail time. That may be better than spending the rest of his life as a Russian.

The article did make you sympathetic to Snowden and Greenwald. Greenwald is a great litigator.

It's just a growing problem in this country. Individuals are so intent on the my way or the highway that congress can not function. Ted Cruz for president. This is a scary thought. Snowden would make Cruz a good running mate. They may not agree ideologically but their minds work the same.

I know it is Edward Snowden. I just don't want to give him any more press than he has gotten.

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