Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Time is so Short

Time is so short
You want to grow up
Get through school, graduate, get a job.

Then you slog through that job in good times and in bad. You may even be paid for your work. My mother was a housewife. As my dad got older, he would tell me how my mom had made his life better. He would have been a slob if she had not kept him cleaned up as he told it.

One of the ironies of life is that a woman needs a man earlier in adulthood and a man needs a woman late in life. I know you think of how that old guy can be a real peacock at the senior center which is true. Its just that women have always been allowed to have strong emotional relationships with friends. Men sometimes only let their feelings down with their wife.

I'm retired and one big stress in life is reduced, earning that payday. The only problem is having to make what I get go farther than it does. I'm spending some savings to get my house re-roofed, purchase a newer vehicle and remodel my mom's bathroom to be more handicap accessible. Grab bars placed all over the house.

This house is the first one I bought that I knew was to be lived in more than worrying about the resell value. I haven't regretted the choice. It has an odd floor plan. A teeny tiny piece of me wanted to try to create the perfect house. Then I drive by the castle some people work so hard to build only to live in so little because life is so short.

There is a horse farm next to me. It is on it's third set of owners in 18 years. The first people got out because they hated the 24/7 nature. The second one died of breast cancer which is very sad. A year after her death, her husband who I never met sold all of her horses cheap at an auction. It blows my mind how people just sell a horse so easily. I have dogs and get so attached to them. The latest set is a couple in their late forties with a 27 year old daughter. I have a feeling I will see at least three more turnovers in the next 18 years. God willing I live 18 more years.

I've spent time with my older brother today. It's a little terrifying to discuss financial choices you are making with the rationale you might as well spend it while you are here. Where are my mom and dad when they used to boss me around and make me so mad.

Being a grownup is not all it all cracked up to be. It ain't no bed of roses. However, I have rooted and planted the most rose bushes. Tomorrow I go whack away at them. I'll be rewarded in a few weeks with a riot of lovely flowers. Life has whacked me more than once. It feels good to still have the chance to have a dream and be a part of it all.

As my brother always says, have a good day and a better tomorrow.

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