Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lining up the headlines.

How your arms help you run is the headline. Sort of a no-brainer unless you are training for the Olympics where it is a science for the win.

Louise looks out the back window to bark at something in the woods. I would think she was just making things up but I know dogs and cats are fairly serious. Yes, I have owned a dog that limped feigning a past injury for a special request. But other than a little hypocrisy with one another, they are as honest and truthful as their love of plenty of water.

I am addicted to Facebook's feed. I've subscribed or liked several news outlets and follow many intelligent people. I don't follow those feeds with outrageous headlines. Like my dogs, I like to keep it real. However, I have friends that like them and I get to read and sometimes will follow the link to see what the impassioned like to read.

It's that sense of justice that they love to tweak. So much irony in using the average peoples sense of justice to persuade them them to an extreme viewpoint. I am grateful to my original teachers, my parents, to make me question what does not sound right. I don't fall for deals too good to be true.

Today's twisted headline was

Collecting Rainwater Now Illegal in Many States as Big Government Claims Ownership Over Our Water

I would not provide the link because ignorance shouldn't be shared. I noticed they had the comments turned off.

My response is:  This is in very dry states. To maintain the water table so wells do not go dry, they have regulations that ensure the water is used in a manner to replenish the water table. This is much like requesting people not water their lawns everyday during a drought on the east coast. With an ever growing population, conservation is a real issue. We can't take clean water for granted.

Another commentator questioned the origins of Christianity. There is mythology mixed with the story of Christianity. What survives in any religion is the spirit. A spirit that can enrich a believer's life.. Like every message it can be twisted to persuade people.

 While I agree with the commentator, I don't agree with the sentiment. I grew up with the craziest, evangelical Christians. They are fine people who will give you the shirt off their backs. The message gets twisted not the religious beliefs.

For a long time, I did not know where that put me in the scheme of thing. I don't go to church because I am not keen on where the tithe goes. I am not in favor of pushing a dogma, buying the pastor a Mercedes, replacing the carpet before it is worn. Helping the poor would be an incentive. My biggest problem is with the politics. I am an independent voter' when I see a pregnant 12 year old, I believe there is a place for abortion; homosexuals have a right to live the life they chose.

Like I say, I have a fascination with the motley Facebook feed. It is like playing one of the computer games where you constantly line up pieces. I could be doing something more productive but it does exercise my brain.

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