Saturday, November 28, 2015

Our Words Are Powerful.

University of Colorado Colorado Springs police officer Garrett Swasey, 44, was killed in Friday's attack.
Taken from   photo courtesy of UCCS
This is why I don't like the unabashed criticism of law enforcement. This law enforcement officer worked for a college police force and he made the ultimate sacrifice when a gunman opened fire at a planned parenthood office.

We depend on law enforcement to protect the weak from the predator.

I agree that there are law enforcement officers who use poor judgement or commit egregious crimes. What I don't agree with is we blame all LEO for the actions of a few.

They need to be paid better and given respect.

We do need to share with our children how to behave when dealing with anyone under stress or in a dangerous job.

I was stopped for speeding when I was 22. I was late and going 85 mph. I lied to the state trooper and said I was going 75. I reached for the glove compartment to get proof of insurance and noticed he had stepped back quickly from the window.

I was a young and dumb but I knew what my quick motions had kicked in for this very nice man. I got out. He checked my tires which were all different sizes. My dad was a thrifty man. He cautioned me to go the speed limit and told me how fast I was driving, gave me a warning, locked my door before walking back to his patrol car.

There is a race problem and black lives do matter. There is not a law enforcement problem. It is a cultural problem which manifests itself into denying jobs to deserving people, exclusion from services, etc. A piece of me wants to say inappropriate speech should be blown off. The brain in me knows words are as powerful as weapons in demeaning people.

We do have to recognize that law enforcement is a difficult job and not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Rest in Peace Garrett Swasey and the other four murdered victims at a Planned Parenthood. I'm sure they are going to find the perpetrator unstable. There are a lot of people guilty of delivering the information to this man to think he had a right to attack these people. This was not their intent but our words are more powerful than we think.


  1. Yeah, there are a few that spoil it for the many. As they have a tough job indeed, always have to be on their toes. True too, words are powerful.

    1. As I get older, I recognize how much law enforcement protects those who are weak. Some of it has to do with teaching career. I would hear about a doozie of a teacher. I worked with a few. But as a rule, most were very hardworking and honest.

  2. Hi human, Ann,

    This was a fair, balanced tale you told. Poignant, timely and yes, the police have a difficult job in these even more difficult times. Words and peaceful action have power, my kind, thoughtful human friend.

    In peace and pawsitivity,

    Penny x

    1. I love you Penny and that rascally human of yours, Gary.

  3. Most cops are just people doing a difficult job as best they can manage. Bad things can happen especially because they are often dealing with bad or difficult people. We in this country are fortunate to have the law enforcement that we have.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Agreed. Corruption is a big problem in some countries. We do have some corruption but I think we have a training problem. One thing that can't be trained away or detected is human error.

  4. We have many friends in law enforcement and it is a dangerous and difficult job. Just like there are bad teachers, politicians, judges, doctors, pastors and parents, there are going to be cops who shouldn't be in that job. But the majority of them are brave, honest and dependable. It has always been so but with media today, they get caught. There are so many people who need treatment for mental illness and we do so little for them. When will a politician take up the homeless situation as an issue? Sad for that young man, his family and the entire community. My son worked in Colorado Springs for two years and we visited that lovely city many times.

  5. In no way would I want to have the job of LEO. It's a scary world today and to be watched closely under a microscope for any little thing to go wrong is just too much to deal with for these low paid heroes.


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