Election Boos

Clap, clap, stamp, stump, Ernie Jakes mounts the podium. Eleanor Sink and her supporters boo.

“I don't know Harvey, I'm voting for Ernie”.

“Janis? He said there wasn't enough money for the new animal shelter. “

“Boos say more.”


  1. Ah, Boos can say a lot. I really like this. You most definitely made these 42 words count.

  2. Let's hope booing does the trick. I'm very glad you didn't include audio with that photo!
    I got the situation, but had trouble with the names Janis and Harvey, fwiw.

  3. I like how you paired this with the photo.

  4. Ha! The photo is the perfect accompaniment to this piece. Boo indeed! Thanks for linking up.

  5. Totally boo that they didn't get enough money for the shelter. Hopefully they figure it out somehow. Hold a giant bake sale or something! :)

  6. WHat a novel take and perfect picture to go with it. Yes, the 'boos' definitely have it :)

    Shailaja's post

  7. Love this take and the picture is so apt Ann:-)


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