Saturday, May 3, 2014

Beauty in imperfection

There is a lot of beauty in imperfection. Sometimes I feel like I get a grasp of the divine. It happens quickly, I feel illuminated and then it disappears somewhat.
Buttons has fixed her dog bed.

I say somewhat in that I know I had that brief moment. The rational part of me feels this is poppycock. So I know what some of you feel.

You have to be careful relating to the divine. It can be skewed so many ways. I don't recommend the show 19 and counting about the Duggar family but I have read their rationale for having so many children. If they said they wanted lots of children I could buy it. It's the message from God I don't buy. The Duggars feel that a miscarriage was a message from God that they should not practice birth control..

Lots of people don't like the idea of having so many children. I am hardly alone in my thoughts. My beef is that supporting that many children in this day and age is an incredible financial burden which the average person could not afford. I mean, I know college graduates who never held a great paying job. There are not enough to go around.

Nineteen children who have the potential to marry and have 19 themselves which would create 380 grandchildren and 7600 great grandchildren for the Duggars. They have been lucky to not have more miscarriages. Their 19 children will experience miscarriages, developmental disabilities, rebellion, etc from the 380 grands and 7600 great-grands.

No one escapes what happens naturally to human beings. One of the Duggar clan will experience something worse than the sadness of losing a child to miscarriage. If they don't make enough money, they will experience the grief of not being able to provide for their child the basics. The television show may keep mom and pop afloat with nineteen. It will probably take foodstamps, welfare, charity to carry all of them through their life.

Anyway, this is how I temper my relationship with the divine. It may be real but what I have to live and face is what I feel the divine wants from me. Try as you might, the divine is hard to separate from the ego. It's 19 kids too late for the Duggars and I do believe they love their children.

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