Friday, May 9, 2014

Review of Tyler Perry's "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned"

I went to see a Tyler Perry play called Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned. It was great!
Altamaha River, Georgia, United States

It had a great many musical numbers and they were incredible in spite of the venue. It was in the Centreplex in Macon which is a place for large audiences. Large audiences that like the idea that they are going to a concert and their being there is more important than any music they hear. They talk and drink beer, go to the restroom and sing loudly with the band.

Incredibly obnoxious behavior from someone like me who likes a symphony hall atmosphere. The audience was mostly women and they were a symphony audience to boot. All that beautiful music to enjoy. I wish Macon had something like the Springer theater in Columbus which can seat a large audience with better acoustics.

I know the Tyler Perry production is a money maker and they are going to use a large venue to make hay while the sun shines. Plus, I imagine the set would not fit on many stages. However, I would love to hear the songs and the singers in a better venue.

One big hit in the show was Mother Hattie. The audience was more familiar with the physical comedy than I was. It wasn't until after one scene when the police officer caught the spirit from Mother Hattie's catching the spirit did I realize what I saw. Catching the spirit is a charismatic response in some Christian churches.

When I wasn't lost in the show which was most of the time, I was lost in the audience reaction. Such a consensus of opinions, from a collective moan when the main character Anita decides to marry a man she has not known long to the amens when the pastor reminds Anita that you don't blame God for your own bad decisions.

The audience was primarily African-American women from 35 to 65. The men who came were around 50. They were also a minority, perhaps 50 to 100 among 1000 women. I know the number is going up. It probably was about 1200 to 1500 people there. So why were so many of these ladies wearing heels, including myself?

Tyler Perry does something I really like in an artist. He produces a product that lifts people up. Something country music used to do.

Having a Southern Baptist background, the thoughts and reasoning resonated with me. Tyler Perry does understand and love women to create this play. Everyone looked happy as they left.

Now the parking lot was a mess. You had the kamikaze driver who invents a lane and cuts in front of you when you leave a space for a trapped person. I regretted not pulling a magazine or book I keep in my car and just reading for ten minutes and let the bedlam out. I had taken off my tennis shoes and had slick soled dress shoes on. I was so fearful my foot would slip off the brake.

Note to myself that I will not remember. Note to myself that I will remember, I will go again given the chance.

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