Saturday, May 31, 2014

Money Over Everything

Some of our politicians should be listed as members of this gang. To be elected in some conservative districts in Georgia you have to say you are in favor of abolishing state revenue taxes and property taxes. I have been curious what the sales tax would be if this happens. It would not be one or two percent. More like ten or fifteen percent in addition to the current sales tax.

What I do know is that is no real intent to change the system. The intent is to be re-elected which requires pandering to whatever is popular. People can criticize politicians but a straight shooter has little chance of being elected. I hear people say what they would do if they were elected. All I hear is naivete that anyone would take a freshman lawmaker that serious. The truth would be what the powerful would make that new person do.

I am frustrated in Georgia in that we have a very destructive governor and there are no checks and balances. I listened to an woman my age talk with a hairdresser as I waited to get my hair cut. They were talking about they can't believe Obama hasn't been arrested for all the illegal things he does, they did not believe he was born in this country and how the Affordable Health Care Act was terrible.

No I did not agree with the women. Its just that ignorance is allowing politicians to behave irresponsibly.

I'm a conservative person. I have made my own living. I have been blessed in never having to use welfare, foodstamps, unemployment. To keep a job I have had to take crap and smile many times. Fortunately, I have never had to do anything illegal. It is illegal in Georgia for state employees to discuss how to access the benefits of the Affordable Care Act.

I get that people should earn what they get. I worked and paid for my college education. I resented people getting college aid and belonging to expensive sororities and fraternities. I always felt that someone should not pay dues to these organizations and accept loans and grants for college for their own good. Debt is not good.

Plus, I had more than a few snubs from these folks in college. I remember the fraternity guys who asked me how I could work in a trashy job as a server in the cafeteria. Easy it paid my bills. The guys that said that to me probably did come from wealthy families and were not receiving grants. But, in the back of my mind they planted the seed of this belief. You shouldn't assume that if you were born with more money, looks, talent or ability that you are more valuable. Besides, what sort of people are supposed to serve food in a cafeteria.

The world is a complicated place. My frustration with conservative politics is that it is my own ethnic group and many people I love have these politics. I keep my mouth shut because I want these friends and I recognize that my shouting in the wind means nothing.

Governor Nathan Deal and his handlers the Koch brothers practice Money over Everything. Governor Deal personally stopped 650,000 Georgians from receiving Medicaid benefits and is using this as an accusation against Jason Carter how Obamacare has stopped people from getting help.

Sort of like those guys in the cafeteria line. The reason what they said never hurt me was that I knew they had no use for me. To the two women at the hair salon, you'll vote for Nathan Deal. He has no use for you.

I shutter at how bad things are going to get in Georgia during Nathan Deal's second term. It will not affect me. I have mine. It will affect those two women. One thing that was true about both of them. Healthcare is delivered by your means to pay. Many doctors will accept patients without insurance. There are many without insurance in Georgia.

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