Thursday, May 22, 2014

Watching my big mouth.

I walk my dog on a nature path through an older neighborhood in Warner Robins. There was an unusual man yesterday. What bothered me is that he was clean shaven and neat but hiding his face from view. He also had a backpack. 

This is why I don't make comments. An older couple I barely knew walked past. I said, I wonder if he is up to no good. The older man said he had seen him before. I said, well maybe the backpack is carrying a water bottle.

OK, I need more than a wet noodle for my lashes. Today I saw the same man walking about six feet behind his mother. Then it clicked. He is developmentally delayed. 

All the signs were there' exceptionally new clothes, very clean and neat, nice looking man, he wore a backpack because he had one along with the cool safari hat someone had probably given him. My brother has all the western wear get-up. 

There is always more to what we see. He was out of step with everyone which is what I picked up on.  He is like my brother, he looks like everyone else. People carefully give my brother detailed instructions. I listen quietly. 

When I see the couple again, I will make a point to tell the man he is right. What I will not do is not tell him what I realized today. Live and learn and keep your opinions to yourself.

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