Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Go figure

Male pine cones
It takes awhile to get a feel for what your blog will be especially if it is the start of a writer's platform. You get alot of do this do that,etc.

The one thing I do know is write what I want that I feel comfortable sharing. I'm not exciting enough for the cocktail party set. So no hot gossip of the wild party. Of course at 58, the talk of the wild party would be me at my age.

I don't discuss politics. I know I edge into it. Part of my desire to write is to vent my thoughts. What is a bigger curiosity is that I often discover parts to what I think that I really never thought of before. The real reason I don't discuss politics is you can turn off a whole set of people for something you just hope might be right. Its not a lack of confidence in my convictions. Its knowing there is what should be versus what will be.

Duke walking in the woods
I've been making videos of plants and birds. Sooner or latter I will edit them and produce some small videos that will not bore any students to death.

When they say, write what you know. It is the truth. I have another blog,  which only has 19 posts and has far more views than this blog with 270 counting this post.

The posts on this blog that get the most attention are:
1. chesty friends
2. bogus spam email
3. how to make a blog button

A blog does more for a writer. You know what people are interested in. Lots of comments on a piece of fiction means a stronger emotional response. Non-fiction is a greater draw. Your writing improves.

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