Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blondes really do have more fun.

I know this is true. I am a former brunette. When asked my hair color, I say dark brown. It hasn't been that color for years. I would like to say I am a silver fox, but I am not. I have gray hair.

I would color my hair dark. I don't care how old it makes me look. Just as long as I had that jet black hair again. Well it was never black but it was dark and lovely. All the time in my youth I was so aggravated my mom would not let me use summer blonde. I had pretty hair as she said.

The advertising ploy "Blondes have more fun." is the biggest and cruelest brainwashing campaign the beauty industry ever released.

And I will tell you why =

One day you will have to go blonde or accept that gray hair. Dark hair is temporary as well as that carrot red hair. Eventually, you will color with the light blonde hair so you don't have to fight white, bright roots. Go too dark and your hair is fine, you'll look bald.

So believe it if you will. But believe me, enjoy your dark hair. It won't last.

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