Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Greener Pastures and the Writing Life

I'm one of those people who planned to "Someday" write a book. I worked so hard and stayed so busy, I did not really think about all the responsibility I took. When I retired, it all imploded on me. 

It is amazing how having time to think is important. It was really too late to unload some of my obligations. That is another post. Hell that is the most boring tome I could write. Anyway, I was lucky in that unplanned early retirement put me into writing before it was too late. Most of us don't have Grandma Moses in us. Lots of memoirs are written. Now whether anyone but family and friends wants to read it is something to consider.

As I work on this post I have two people talking to me. My trajectory into writing is rocky to say the least.

The first books I read about writing was all about selling your writing. I was all revved up and had nothing to sell. 

Then I learned there were actually books on how to write a novel, screenplay, etc. 

Then I learned winning the lottery was almost as easy as making a living writing. Did I say that one of the reasons I wanted to write was to supplement my retirement check. 

It is expensive supporting other people besides yourself. One friend told me I got lots of money from the government. I said, what government are you talking about.  Believe it or not, I have to supplement it big time. 

Which loops back to why I take care of these folks. There aren't good situations for them. I cannot be happy in the world knowing they have to live that way. Plus, two of them are not going to behave and will be thrown out. One will appreciate the opportunity and will drift from overpass to overpass up and down the interstate.

Anyway, I am more successful trying to read a short story or non-fiction book. I read an e-book the other day and it was a fun read. I am a million miles in my journey. Well at least I hope I have the opportunity to travel another million. The last couple of million have been great most of the time.

Wherever you are in your writing career, you will enjoy these ladies. No, I don't agree with everything. For one thing, my life has never gone by what you should do so neither will my writing career. I see this as more of a guide I will follow a little better than Old Lady Albert did with her canned diet milkshake. She had to put ice cream in it to make it taste good enough to drink.

Take care and the book is - I hear a drum roll, do you ;=).

How to be a Writer in the E-Age: A Self-Help Guide [Kindle Edition] Anne R. Allen (Author), Catherine Ryan Hyde (Author)

Yes, I know it talks about the business of writing and not the How To. I'll write future posts on books that have helped me.

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