Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fake boobs.

I've got company coming on Tuesday. I sit trying to remember a familiar name as I peruse his Facebook page.. He has a picture of a girl on a Facebook page which I'm sure is a link to a phone sex business.  I can't be sure, I sure as heck was careful not to hit the link.

In the early days of the web, a teacher in the library watched as a student typed in the name of a hurricane in the news. She was paralyzed for a moment, it was pornography. What made it worse is they closed the browser window and it opened another window.

What stands out to me are her breasts. Like big bouncing balls. They are a supernatural sight. I wanted to post the picture here; but I don't want to fool with copyright; there should be some actor that has enhanced their body and would like free promotion.

Viola, Pamela Anderson, a woman who admits to surgically enhanced breast which are possibly her raison d'etre to stand out from the crowd.

Pamela Anderson images

It does and doesn't compare to the lithesome young gal laying on her back with huge gelatinous breasts standing upright like rotund soldiers.Pretend woman, pretend body.

Even funnier, this article by Men's Health How to detect fake breasts.  Four out of five are not bad. I am satisfied to know they slosh and you can hear the sloshing when in close contact.

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